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Substance Abuse Recovery Stories - Our Long Beach, CA Discovery Treatment Center have helped individuals struggling with substance abuses.

Substance Abuse Recovery Stories | Long Beach, CA

Substance Abuse

Recovery Stories

Long Beach, CA

Stories of recovery and success from Discovery Alumni

"I can see that the staff really cared for the teens and though not every teen or counselor will make a connection, they do have several staff members that they do click with; at least my son did.  This have been an awesome experience when we felt like there was no hope and were in such a dark place.  Now, it is up to the entire family to help my son work at his sobriety.  We will get through this.  I am forever grateful. Kaiser Permanente covered all costs of the 55 day stay.  It is expensive but they had so much for the teens to do; group sessions on a variety of topics, meetings, written work that helped them work through many of their issues and emotions through their drug use days and new sobriety, individual therapy sessions, art sessions, dvd movie time, when earned, chores, privilege earning opportunities, outings, and so much more.  The psychiatrist was on top of the issue with my son's trouble with sleep.  It was just an amazing experience.  It gave me so much peace of mind."

Berta S.

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"I don't even know where to begin because this place helped my son save his life. Every staff member at Center for Discovery truly cares about every teen who walks through the door, willing or not willing to be there. We were treated with respect every step of the way. The change in my son's nihilist, my way or the highway attitude, lack of respect, and alcohol abuse has changed dramatically. 

We lost our son to substance abuse starting about two years ago and he almost died because of it. CFD helped him take his life back and for the first time in two years, he is hopeful for the future, and actually wants to help others in his situation. I can't say enough great things about CFD, but a special shout out goes to Robert Wilton, my son's therapist. Without him, I don't think my son would have achieved the level of success in treatment that he did. 

We will be eternally grateful for this program."

Emily H.